Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Competition b/n and

Starting from the end of 2008, has appeared as the main source of news for those looking a change in ER. The news reported are daily and one wonders the reliability of their reports. Most of the news reported is also big events that most readers found hard to believe, giving the political reality in ER. Nevertheless, they have managed to attract the attention of the public. Unfortunately, this seems to have created unexpected reaction from a would-be-friend of
In a series of news/articles, has reported to the effect of “These news in are false.” Check the following two news reports by and a third article from one of their regular contributors.
1. The Case Of The Commando Units In Segeneity
2. The Iranian-Eritrean Relations
3. When The Hand Stretches, The Back Bends
The two news are not actually news….they seem an implicit effort to disprove The article, whose author claims to be inside ER, explicitly warns us not to believe the news and asks those who are reporting such news ( to stop from fooling the public.
When I read these articles in, I wondered why went all the way to question I am not saying the reports in are true. Frankly, I don’t believe them. But, what I am questioning is why is doing this? Are they really trying to save us from fabricated drams? If so, they haven’t done it before for other websites. used to report sometimes false news, but I haven’t seen stretching their hand to disprove it. In fact, after reading their continuous effort to disprove, my impression was that felt treated by the attention is getting or may be were looking for the change to come from different direction than those implied by Well, anyways, that is my weired way of questioning though!!


hangol said...

I think some websites are expecting to make some polotical changes by having identity of UNHCR is civilian movement of polotics.Either is true or not the information is logicaly its time for those Eritreans which they like democratic changes on their homland.The problem is that some parites they don;t accept any movement or oppinion which is above their domination.This is the greatest problem for Eritrea after changes Is it governmental website? or has a rights to assure every information inside Eirtrea?Is it the greatest website which it has a feedback from inside Eritrea?Please Eritreans try to have a real Vision ,than to lose yours time in procrastination.

Anonymous said... nay jebha eyom. kala shabia ab sltan kmex aydelyun eyom. nay shabia eya. slezs kemey gerom khgosu delika dea?

Anonymous said...

I think Assenna are using the same tricks HGDEF uses. Sometimes misinformation can work. There is a great deal of anxiety for change in Eritrea. Assenna is trying to cash on that. It is not concerned of the truthfullness of its reports. It just wants the government of Eritrea to be uneasy and unsure of itself. And it is working. Assenna is becoming very popular. It is creating a lot of stir which the government does not want. As far as is concerned, the webmaster has lost credibility among many Eritreans after he went to Addis and interviewed Meles Zenawi.That is why Assenna is getting popular

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